Arts & Nature Social Club

Core Team

A New Members Club To Cultivate Empathy Among People In Harmony With Nature

The Arts & Nature Social Club, or ANSC, is an international members club launched in Berlin in November 2019. As such, ANSC is shaping a global community of opinion leaders from the arts, sciences, and entrepreneurship.


“Even though the consequences stemming from a lack of sustainability (such as ongoing climate change, the loss of biodiversity, or increasing migration), are obvious, our political and economic policy-makers around the world do not act accordingly. Because they do not dare to question the present international economic order promoting injustice and the destruction of the environment. The great challenge we are faced with calls for a shift in our highly complex and globalized world, one towards systemic change, a new order focused much more strongly on the wellbeing of humanity and the environment than it does today. The solutions that have been proposed for years are being implemented far too slowly and half-heartedly. We are convinced that humanity has the intellectual and technical capabilities to realize such a change. Therefore, we would like to provide an inspirational stimulus to the public discourse by connecting existing thoughts and measures: for a consistent shift towards systemic change.”

German Chapter of the CLUB OF ROME, 50 Years Club of Rome


I work in the core team supporting the advisory- and executive board.